Cloud data snapshots
Restorehub is a simple data management tool to make your software development process less painful and more cloud oriented
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Make a snapshot
Pack your diverse data into the single snapshot

Save to the cloud
The snapshot will be stored as a zipped, deduplicated and encrypted data version

Restore or deploy
The snapshot could be restored back or deployed to the another cloud provider on demand

Restorehub is a SaaS tool providing you and your development team with the possibility to make encrypted data snapshots "on the fly", save it into the Restorehub cloud and restore or deploy the data to another destination on-demand or by schedule.

It perfectly fits diverse data sources, like different RDBMS, key/value storages and file systems. All the application data could be stored as a single image (snapshot, version) and delivered to the new place. Restore and share your data context with Restorehub!

Data context exchange
Share your application data context between teams in minutes (e.g. between QA and Devs)
Move your data between environments
Transfer the app data as a single unit between cloud providers and on-premise.
Apply rules automatically
Be GDPR compliant and anonymize the data automatically

Technological stack
Your gain
Less manual work and custom scripts. It is more reliable and reusable companywide
Reduce the costs of your development infrastructure and supporting personnel
Let your developers focus on new features and quality. Not on environment and data preparations
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